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RESOLUTION ;912 <br />Resolution Requesting and Authorizing Hennepin County to <br />apply for Rehabilitation Grant Funds for Implementation <br />of the Home Improvement Grant Program within the city of <br />0 RO NO <br />WHEREAS, Hennepin County has been authorized to unde;-take a <br />program to provide grants of funds to property owners for the <br />purpose of housing rehabilitation; <br />WHEREAS, the city of Orono desires to assist low income <br />homeowners in making repairs to their homes for the purpose of <br />correcting defects directly affecting the safety, habitability, <br />and/or energy usage of the property; <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency has funds to be <br />used for such purposes, and will accept applications from counties <br />desiring to administer these Home Improvement Grant Program funds; <br />WHEREAS, the city of Orono desires to participate in the Minnesota <br />Housing Finance Agency Home Improvement Grant Program through <br />Hennepin County; <br />NOW THI!REFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That Hennepin County is hereby <br />• requested to include the city of Orono in an application for <br />State :dome Improvement Grant Program Funds and that upon approval <br />of such application, the city and Hennepin County are authorized <br />to enter into an agreement for operating the program within the <br />city. <br />0 <br />Adopted this 15 day of June 1978. <br />City of: Orono <br />William B. Ian Nest, Ma or <br />b <br />Attest: <br />r <br />