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0 <br />RESOLUTION #904 <br />A RESOLUTION EXTENDING THE CONDITIONAL USE <br />PERMITS ISSUED TO THE JOINT INDEPENDENT SCHOOL <br />DISTRICT 287 BY CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 781 <br />WHEREAS, the Joint Independent School District 287 <br />(hereinafter applicant) has applied for extension of a conditional <br />use permit to operate a farm in the RR -1-B district, which farm <br />provides planting areas for students of the applicant, and use of <br />a bridge over the creek for limited access to adjacent agricultural <br />fields for farming uses only, and <br />WHEREAS, the use requires a conditional use permit pursuant <br />to the Orono Zoning Code, and <br />WHEREAS, on May 9, 1977, the City Council adopted <br />Resolution 781 granting said conditional use permit for a period <br />of one year, and <br />WHEREAS, the applicant has explained to the City Council <br />the limitations of the Specialty Crop Production Program which will <br />be undertaken on the property in the City of Orono and limitations <br />on the use of the bridge, which uses do not extend beyond the uses <br />originally approved by Resolution 781, <br />• NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: <br />1. That the City of Orono hereby extends the conditional <br />use permit for one year based on the following conditions: <br />A. That the only activities that shall be undertaken <br />on the properties shall be the special crop production which includes <br />such areas as orchards, vegetables, nursery stock, sod, Christmas <br />trees, small grains and annual and perennial flowers and the <br />construction of one small bridge to provide access from the property <br />in Orono to the property owned by the applicant for agricultural <br />purposes only. The bridge may be used only for the passage of the <br />farm equipment and may not be used for general pedestrian traffic. <br />B. On a temporary basis, satellite sanitary facilities <br />and a minimal shelter such as a small mobile construction trailer <br />for use by the students while on the properties, may be installed <br />on the properties pursuant to municipal and State regulations. <br />C. There shall be no student parking on the properties <br />since the applicant will provide transportation from the classroom <br />40 laboratory building which is located off the properties. <br />D. The access to County Road #6 shall be used for <br />agricultural purposes only. <br />E. The location of the proposed trailer shall be approved <br />by the building inspector prior to installation. <br />