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.r <br />RESOLUTION # 900 <br />A RESOLUTION ORDERING THE OWNER OF A HAZARDOUS BUILDING <br />WITHIN THE CITY TO CORRECT THE HAZARDOUS CONDITION <br />WHEREAS, Sigrid M. Vedeler is the owner of record of certain <br />real property located at 1565 Orchard Beach Place within the City <br />of Orono legally described as follows: <br />That part of Saga. Hill Revised bounded as follows: Commencing <br />at the southeast -corner of Block 18, thence north 100 ft. to the <br />southeast corner of Lot -18, thence northwesterly to the northeast <br />corner of Lot 19,.thence south 100 ft. to the lakeshore thence <br />easterly along said.lakeshore line to the point of beginning. <br />WHEREAS, the building constructed on said real property has. <br />been abandoned but:has not been removed and there remains a building' <br />which creates .a hazardous condition.- <br />WHEREAS, <br />ondition. <br />WHEREAS, said buildingAs an abandoned garage containing a <br />cesspool privy, which :garage is dilapidated due to abandonment, <br />inadequate maintenance"and-the effects of time causing a hazard <br />,-o the public safety. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that.pursuant to Minnesota <br />Statutes 473.16 the -said owner is -ordered .to correct the condition <br />above described on the grounds -that the.condition is hazardous <br />within the meaning.of Minnesota Statutes 463.15 -through 463.26, <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,'that the said owner is ordered to <br />correct the condition by razing the building and .filling in the <br />excavated area within 30 days from the date this order is duly <br />served upon him.. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that an order for summary enforcement <br />of the order be.made to the District Court of Hennepin County, <br />State of Minnesota, unless corrective action is taken by -the said <br />owner or unless his answer is filed.within the time specified <br />in Minnesota Statutes 463..18, and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Administrator and <br />City Attorney be, and hereby are, directed to prepare and serve <br />the order and take all other necessary action in accordance with <br />this resolution and in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 463.15 <br />hrough 463.26. <br />